If you don't feel like reading anything and just want to see the pictures, the pictures are at http://parties.vrillusions.com/gallery/

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fyi, I've been getting lazy about getting pictures on here. I do still have them and I'll get those up as soon as I can.

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Pictures taken since March 26, 2004 have been with my new camera (Canon powershot A80). So pictures since then have some nice extras. First I can do more stuff with this one, so the pictures look better. Also I'm uploading the full images and doing all the processing on the server, this means all the exif data stored with the image will be visible. Also the "full" size images are still scaled down to 1024x768 and have a reduced file size since I'm limited in the amount of space here. If you want the full sized image for any of these, just send me an email. I may make an archive of older pictures on my home server or something. If you want to post an image on a message board or something, you will need to host the picture somwhere else, PhotoBucket.com isn't bad. I disabled the ability to link to images directly to help conserve the bandwidth usage since it is limited here. You can also just post the link to the image, and just not the actual image.

I am in the process of commenting images with who's in them, but I need help since I'm terrible with names. Any picture you see with a ?? in it means I don't know who's in it. you can also just search for ?? and it will show all of the questionable ones. If you know for certain who the people are, send me an email at (vr at vrillusions dot com). All I need is the full link to the image and who you are identifying. All comments are listed left to right, back to front. If it may be confusing as to the order, I'll say in comments. I plan on making a form and stuff eventually, but for now, just email me. If you see an album with NOT COMMENTED YET that means I haven't gotten around to that album yet, so don't bother checking that one for ??. Thanks for the help

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